AHS students to learn about Internet safety today

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Andalusia High School will have an assembly that will serve two purposes today, Wed., Oct. 20

The first part of the assembly will be to inform students about Internet safety, and the second part will be to recognize the academic achievements of students.

Cyber Kids, presented by Troy University Computer Forensics Institute, is a presentation about the importance of online safety.

While the Internet is a valuable tool for obtaining and sharing information, everything that is available on the Internet is not good for students.

Teenagers are very knowledgeable about how to use the Internet but do not always understand the risks that can be involved.

Since students are not always aware of the proper precautions that should be used when chatting online or posting to Facebook, Troy University is touring different high schools to inform students of the pros and cons of the Internet.

Andalusia High School staff and students are very appreciative to have Troy University come and talk to the students.

Parents are welcome to attend the presentation.

Following the Cyber Kids presentation, there will be an academic assembly where Dr. Shakespeare will give recognition for students who have made all As and all As and Bs.

Students who have made all As or all As and Bs will receive a certificate and an extended break.

Also, homerooms within each grade will be recognized for being failure free (no Fs) and for the top homeroom (the highest combined GPA.)

The failure-free homerooms will receive a banner and framed certificate along with a “biscuit breakfast,” and the top homerooms will also receive a “biscuit breakfast” as well as a trophy.

Students who maintain all As or all As and Bs for the semester and the year will also receive another “surprise” award at the end of each semester.

Contributed by Stephanie Marvin

An Andalusia High School students surfs the Web. | Courtesy photo