Sessions addresses ‘the issues’

Published 12:02 am Thursday, October 21, 2010

U.S. Sen.Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., found out Wednesday the people of Andalusia are interested in three things – the economy, the energy crisis and our veterans.

It was Sessions’ third stop of the day when he addressed the members and guests of the Andalusia Lions Club.

“Andalusia and the people of Covington County care about what happens in Washington,” Sessions said. “ I do believe our best days are not over.

“We need stabilization. We need to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of the American people to get our economy back on track.”

On the economy

Sessions said he believes three things are putting a “cloud” over the economy.

“First there is so much uncertainty,” he said. “Local groups that I’ve spoken to say the health care bill will increase unemployment. I think we should be focusing on creating jobs, not decreasing them.

“Secondly, taxes, and that goes back to uncertainty,” he said. “If an employer is thinking of expanding, but they’re not sure how taxes and the health care bill will affect them, they’re going to wait and not create those new jobs.

“Then, I’m disappointed in the stimulus package,” he said. “We’re at an unprecedented numbers (in regards) to the national debt. Now, there’s talk of another (stimulus package.) I tell you, we’re not doing well financially and that needs to change.”

In closing, Sessions posed one question about the economy, “The choices are tough. Do you raise taxes or cut spending. It’s a big decision for our country.”

On the energy crisis

Numerous Lions Club members questioned Sessions on the nation’s looming energy crisis, specifically the dependence on foreign oil and costs.

Suggestions included minimizing solar and wind energy and concentrating on nuclear energy.

“On that, I say this, I think we should have taken that stimulus money and used it to build nuclear plants,” he said. “It would have created jobs, and instead of spending say, $120 a month on a power bill, you could have spent $100. That’s $20 back in your pocket and back into our economy.”

On the military

“I am so proud of our military,” he said. “They serve their country with no complaints, with many serving multiple tours in our war against terror. I hope we can continue to be successful.”

Wayne Holmes greets U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions at Wednesday’s Lions Club meeting. Shown in background is Sammy Glover. | Stephanie Nelson/Star-News