Bennett knows benefit of Crossover

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 22, 2010

Karen Bennett thought she had her life under control until she received a reality check

Bennett, who was a recovering meth addict, was what she calls the “perfect probationer” until she failed a drug test.

“I had the opinion that I had everything under control,” she said. “I had a steady job, I had paid off my fines and never skipped a meeting with my probation officer.”

Bennett said that when she failed her drug test, her probation officer talked to local attorney Walt Merrell, who had her placed in Crossover Ministry.

“I had a really hard time, because I didn’t think I had a problem,” she said. “I felt like I had lost everything, but God has since brought me to my knees.”

Bennett, who will graduate from Crossover in December and finish probation in a year, said the program has transformed all aspects of her life from her relationship with her husband to having a new job.

“Everything has turned our great. Our marriage is better than we ever dreamed it would be,” she said. “And I’m doing public relations and marketing at Crossover, which gives me the opportunity to do what I love for God’s glory.”

Bennett said she has had a great support system.

“I have great parents and a great support system,” she said. “My teenage daughter stayed with them.”

Bennett, along with 35 other recovering addicts, have sought help from Crossover Ministry, a faith-based Christian recovery ministry for all types of addictions. It is one of the agencies funded by the United Fund.

Crossover Director Todd Sasser said the ministry received $4,500 from CCUF last year, which was used to pay for everything from a scholarship to the eight-month in-house recovery program, which costs about $5,200, or nine months worth of groceries for the ministry.

Sasser said the monthly budget for Crossover is $16,000.

Sasser said he’s grateful for organizations such as United Fund who step up and help fund the ministry.

“I know it’s God’s ministry, but there are so many people who help,” he said. “It’s just amazing, in the six almost seven years we’ve been in operation, we’ve never had to borrow money, and we’re reaching out to more people.”

Sasser said the women’s ministry, which has only been in operation for about two years, is just getting started.

Bennett said that they are currently working to add a living area to the women’s aftercare portion of Crossover.

Zoe Woodham, Logan Taylor and Amber Taylor were loving the rides Thursday night at the Covington Kiwanis County Fair.

“Most of the women in aftercare go home, but some maybe do not have a place to stay or are not yet ready to go into their home environment,” she said.

To make a tax-deductible donation can be mailed to Covington County United Fund Inc., P.O. Box 1791, Andalusia, AL 36420, or by calling 334-428-2101.