County OKs poll worker mileage agreement

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Commissioners spent the bulk of Monday’s meeting making necessary preparations for next week’s Election Day.

County Admni-strator Brenda Petty addressed the need to establish set mileage distances for chief poll inspectors from their respective polling place to the courthouse at the last commission meeting. Those figures, which were broken down by polling place, were presented Monday.

“The chief poll inspector is paid mileage for two round trips from the polling place to the courthouse,” Petty said. “One trip to pick up supplies on the Friday before (the election) and another trip to bring in the election returns on Tuesday.”

Petty said at the conclusion of the June primary it was very “confusing” to determine what to pay the poll inspector; however, discussion during the day’s meeting among the commission, Petty and Probate Judge Ben Bowden, was used to even further refine the county’s policy.

“The problem that I see is that if people come to pick up the supplies (on Friday) from all over the county,” Bowden said. “I’m all for a standard, but I don’t want some people to be cut short and others to be paid for mileage they didn’t drive.”

Bowden suggested allowing chief poll inspectors to turn in actual mileage driven to pick up supplies, rather than paying each person a set amount based on the overall mileage from the polling place to the courthouse.

“Look at it like this, maybe someone works here in Andalusia, but is an inspector in Lockhart,” he said. “So they drive from (their workplace) to the courthouse to pick up supplies. I’d like to see them turn in that mileage.”

Commissioners agreed with Bowden’s suggestion, going so far as to allow for overages due to unforeseen circumstances, provided the overage is approved by the probate judge.

“I think that’s fair, to use the ‘honor system,’” Commissioner David Ellis said. “I think we give (inspectors) the chart, and say claim what you drive, but if you go over, get it certified.”

Petty also asked that poll workers be reminded they are not eligible for mileage.

Bowden said two poll worker classes are scheduled for today at Andalusia City Hall at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

“Its hard to believe but there’s only a week left to go before the election,” he said.

In other business, the commission:

• declared this week as “Pro Bono” week.

• approved out-of-state travel for four Sheriff’s Office investigators.

• gave authorization to the Covington Area Transit System to contract and provide transportation to a third party.

• voted to seek bids on three road projects on Hub Road, Dean Road and Holley Road.

• awarded bids for motor grader cutter edges and tires.

• declared 10 gas tanks as surplus.

• signed a resolution to resurface a 7.5-mile section of County Road 70 from the intersection at Mt. Piscah Church to the intersection of County Road 77, also known as Sasser’s Crossroads. Another section of paving will follow, and federal aid money will be used to fund the project, County Engineer Darren Capps said.

• reappointed Gary Smith to the Airport Board.