Cotton: Independent will have influence

Published 12:48 am Friday, October 29, 2010

Don Cotton is seeking election to the House of Representatives, District 92, as an Independent. He is a business owner and a former member of the Andalusia City Council.

One of the biggest issues before the state is funding the operation of government. What would you do as a legislator to prevent proration of state and education budgets in the future?

Cotton: Responsible budgeting. Project income from historical data and trends. Prorate the governor’s and legislators’ pay if proration is enacted. As a business leader (or even household budgeting), you would not accept the answer “let’s just reduce everything by the amount of deficiency.” It is the legislators’ job to strategically budget in times of positive and negative revenues

Much has been made over the ability to hide campaign contributions in Political Action Committees (PACs). Should there be more transparency in the political process? If so, how would you work for that as a member of the legislature?

Cotton: Yes. Tougher ethics laws and eliminate PAC-to-PAC transfers.

Have you accepted contributions from PACs? If so, do you know the source of the contributions?

Cotton: Yes to both, and if I could not identify the source the check was returned to sender.

If elected, what can you do for the people of Covington County in Montgomery?

Cotton: As an Independent I will truly reach across party lines and be in a position to influence the out come of legislation. Utilizing this influence to secure funding for local projects and needs.

Why are you a better choice for this office than your opponents?

Cotton: My business experience. Developing and growing businesses, making payroll and knowing first hand the tax burdens, fees and regulations business deal with. I will use that experience to get government off the backs of our business leaders. I have successfully “sold” Covington County to major companies and have assisted them in locating here. I know what they are looking for when they want to relocate. I will bring more jobs and opportunities to Covington County and our tax base will expand providing more funding for education and senior citizen programs. Please visit my website for more detailed solutions to issues confronting us.