Bentley: County will keep strong voice

Published 12:02 am Saturday, October 30, 2010

Local residents surround Republican gubernatioral candidate Dr. Robert Bentley during his campaign breakfast on the square Friday. | Stephanie Nelson/Star-News

Dr. Robert Bentley said he Covington County will keep its strong voice, if he’s elected.

Bentley, the Republican candidate, made a stop in Andalusia, bringing doughnuts and coffee and a crowd estimated at 50-plus to the Court Square early Friday morning.

When asked, “If elected, how will you help the people of Covington County?,” his first reply was about bringing industry to the area.

“In this area, we need it,” he said of his desire to bring jobs to the area. “Also, we need to concentrate on finishing infrastructure to this area.”

He said Covington County has had a strong voice in the legislature with Speaker of the House Seth Hammett.

“I want to see that continue,” he said. “I want people in Covington County to know that anyone from here can get to Montgomery and have direct contact with the governor.”

In his public address, Bentley vowed to “stand up to the federal government.”

“Nobody stands up to the federal government, but the governor,” he said. “I want to see people back at work.”

Bentley said, if elected, he will immediately convene a special session within the regular session – “so that it doesn’t costs the tax payers” – to address the state’s current ethics situation.

“The issue will be isolated in the session,” he said. “As one of my first acts, I want to see Alabama pass the strongest ethics law in this country. The timing is right.”