Opp Councilman recovering from snake bite

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 30, 2010

An Opp Councilman is recovering from being bitten on the finger by a timber rattlesnake.

Councilman Scotty Short was bush hogging last week and he moved some limbs and was bittten by a snake.

Short’s wife, Heather, said he initially thought it was an oak snake.

“He got to thinking maybe it wasn’t an oak snake, he remembered from the Rattlesnake Rodeo that they had one timber rattler that looked a lot like an oak snake,” she said. “He got there (to the hospital) about 30 minutes after her was bit.”

“He saw Dr. Bob Williams and he seems to think that he’s going to heal OK,” she said.

“We do go back to see him next week. But I really do think he’s going to be OK. His finger is still really black.”

Heather said she just thankful that it wasn’t the weekend, because the couple’s son would have been out there and he would have been the one moving limbs.