Company’s coming; get ready!

Published 2:10 am Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If you’d been planning a special event – say a wedding or a big family reunion – for two years, changes are good you would spend the last few weeks before the big event in preparation; making sure the site was clean, flowers were planted, and all looked the best it could.

As a community, we have just such an event before us. For the past two years, members of the Tourism and Relocation Committee, as well as a large group of volunteers, have worked tirelessly in preparation for Absolutely Andalusia, Homecoming 2010.

Next weekend we as a community will enjoy the fruits of those labors with four full days of events beginning on Thursday with our annual tribute to veterans.

The Veterans Day events will be followed Thursday evening with Andalusia in Revue on the stage at LBWCC. On Friday, there are open houses in local schools and an event in Dream Park celebrating its recent improvements. Friday night there’s a street dance. And on Saturday, there’ll be a fantastic air show at the South Alabama Regional Airport, followed by the homecoming gala Saturday night. Sunday’s events include church homecomings and an Arts Council performance at LBW Sunday afternoon.

Throughout, there will be opportunities to enjoy a quilt show and an art show.

Already, The Star-News has heard from numerous folks planning to make the trip here next week.

We’d like to encourage all local residents to do their part. Join the effort to pick up litter, spruce up your own yard, and plant a few yellow pansies in support of Homecoming 2010.

It’s not often we have the opportunity for this much company. Let’s spit-shine and polish our hometown to welcome our visitors.