Native dismayed by Broxton’s letter

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As a former Red Level resident now living in Birmingham, it was with dismay that I read the letter to the editor in this Sunday’s Birmingham News from Andalusia resident Roger K. Broxton. (“Democrats Alienate Whites”).  In Mr. Broxton’s letter, he makes the absurd suggestion that Southern whites have been turned off by the Democrats because of the political party’s position on “Confederate Heritage.” From there, Mr. Broxton’s letter devolves into what appears to be a defense of slavery.

As a conservative God-fearing white man, I am the prototype of what most people think of when they think of a Republican voter. As such a voter, I would like to state that Mr. Broxton couldn’t be further from the truth.

White people aren’t voting Republican because they are nervous about minorities.

White people aren’t voting Republican because of a war that took place 150 years ago (think about how absurd that sounds!)

Stated simply, white people are voting Republican because America is heading towards bankruptcy if drastic changes aren’t made by our government leaders in the very near future! We are extremely worried that our children are going to grow up in a banana republic because the country is broke. THAT is the driving force behind why white America is voting for the tea-party Republicans so overwhelmingly.  Not just whites, but all Americans should have the same concerns.

Our country will fail if the Republicans don’t find a way to convince more Hispanic and African Americans to start voting for conservative values.  The Democrats have done a great job of dividing this country by race when it comes to voting patterns. Every time a letter is written like Mr. Broxton’s, it helps the Democrats further polarize our country along racial lines. Republicans must do better. Our country depends on it.

John Jeffcoat

Hoover, Ala.