AES students grateful for freedom,veterans

Published 12:01 am Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day for many is a time of patriotism, remembering loved ones who gave their lives for this country, and for Andalusia Elementary School students, it’s no different.

Fourth grader Ibeth Rojas said when she thinks about Veterans Day, her mind goes to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier since “no one knows who is buried there.”

Kirsten Crenshaw said the first thing that comes to her mind is the soldiers who are fighting in the war, as does Class-mate Christ-opher Lucal.

“Th-ey are fighting for our country and us,” Lucal said. “Many have given up their lives for us.”

Darrien Guillory, whose aunt is serving in the U.S. Navy, said she too often thinks of those at war.

“I think about people in the navy and in the war,” she said. “We need to salute these people.”

For fourth grader Ryan Mayes, Veterans Day and war has a deeper meaning.

“I think about my dad, he died when I was 2. He was in Marines,” he said. “I think about all the people who are in the war fighting for me just because I live in America.”

Mayes’ father was in the Marine Corps, but didn’t die in the war.

Both Caleb Fleming and Logan Odom said they think about those who gave up their lives for freedom.

“It’s very important, because you have all those people fighting in the war and giving their lives for us,” Fleming said.

“It’s always about the war and veterans who saved our community,” Odom said. “And it’s my birthday.”

Keon-ate Marshall said Veterans Day reminds him to be thankful that he and his family are protected.