No official Alltel-AT&T conversion date

Published 12:02 am Thursday, November 11, 2010

Current Alltel customers wondering when the big switch to AT&T is going to happen can keep wondering.

AT&T Spokesman Mike Barger said Tuesday he couldn’t narrow down a specific date at this point, however; he said the company does expect to fully convert all customers by late this year or early 2011.

It was announced earlier this year that AT&T had bought out the remaining Alltel service area that Verizon Wireless did not acquire.

Current customers will still use the Alltel services until their service has been switched over.

In October, customers were sent letters allowing them to pick out a free phone to replace their current Alltel phone since the two companies operate on different cell phone platforms.

“I’ll let you do the math,” he said. “Typically, once the customer receives the notification to select a new phone and sends in the information, it takes about three weeks for the service to become available in the area.”

Still, many local customers were expecting to receive their new phones this week, but are still awaiting their arrival.

Barger said AT&T continues to maintain communication with its customers.

“I think the important this is for our customers to be patient during this transition phase,” he said.

Barger did say he expects to know more concrete details in the coming weeks.