Events promote community pride

Published 1:17 am Saturday, November 13, 2010

Andalusians should be bursting with community pride this weekend.

If Absolutely Andalusia: Homecoming 2010 were already over, we could say, “Wow. Our community did that well.”

But we’re really just over half-way done. If you’ve not had time to participate this week, get dressed and get going.

Work began on this project more than a year ago. And while countless volunteers have contributed to the effort to make our community shine, there are some leaders who deserve much praise. As listed in the official program, they are:

• Tourism and Relocation board members and ad hoc committee members Jewell Curry, chairperson; Barbara Nichols, homecoming chairperson; Martha Duggan; Gwen Kelley; John Howard; Emma Locke; Marcia Reichert; Nancy Robbins; Pat Palore; Mary Jane Winkle; Jerri Stroud; Ashley Eiland; Dwight Mikel; Vanessa Nelson; Dawn Reeves; and Hazel Griffin.

Homecoming event managers listed in the official program include:

• Ashley Eiland and Dawn Reeves, Veterans Day parade and ceremony;

• Jerry Stroud, reception and city hall tour;

• Martha Duggan and Roger LeCompte, dedication;

• Dot Burkett and Roger LeCompte, homecoming art show;

• Ann Mallory, homecoming quilt show;

• Linda Palmer and Jenelle Ennis, historic district sidewalk tour;

• Lisa Patterson and Kristy White, Dream Park renovation;

• Paula Sue Duebelt and Sue Bass Wilson, Andalusia in Revue;

• Louise Anderson, open houses in city schools;

• Karin Taylor, The Stories We Tell;

• Jewel Curry and Pat Palmore, welcome centers;

• Jed Blackwell, SARA Air Show;

• Martha Duggan, street dance;

• Benny Jo Sasser, Ann Hammonds, gala;

• Sonja Godwin, homecoming program;

The Andalusia City Ambassadors, directed by Mrs. Stroud, also are working overtime this weekend. They are Dilan Manring, Michael Kelly, Stephen Caton, Millard McWhorter, Jay Brewer, Sam Fairley, Catherine Grace Searcey, Kathryn Williams, Anna Bay McCord, Haley Moody, Devin Williamson, and Morgan Palmer.

Great job, one and all!