Shopping at home is important

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 27, 2010

Economic experts are predicting a slight increase in retail sales in this holiday season over last year.

The National Retail Federation predicts shoppers will spend $447.1 billion nationwide in November and December, which would be a 2.3 percent increase over last year’s $437 billion.

Whether your holiday spending plans lean toward level, decreased or increased, it’s important to the local economy that you do as much of that spending at home as possible.

Even though experts say the recession ended last summer, the national economy has not rebounded. But local sales tax collections have been remarkably stable, enabling local governments to continue to provide the levels of service to which we are accustomed.

When sales increase, businesses increase inventories, have more employees, need more services, and improve infrastructure, all of which further stimulates the economy.

Every dollar you spend at home helps our community. We hope you’ll do your shopping at home this holiday season.