When temps go up, fire wood sells

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 8, 2010

L.D. Henderson splits wood outside his Florala home Tuesday.

When the temperatures drop, business for Florala’s Liz and L.D. Henderson goes up.

The two are in the business of selling firewood, and with this week’s freezing cold temperatures, business is good.

“We’ve sold more wood up to this point than we did all winter long last year,” said L.D.

That’s thanks in part to an active summer where campers bought loads for campfires and chefs got smoking woods for outdoor grilling, as well as to a recent spell of winter temperatures, he said.

Their business, which is operated in the yard of their Fifth Avenue home near the hospital, is in its fourth year. It has taken years to build their customer base to what it is today.

“We really don’t do a lot of advertising,” Liz said. “It’s mostly by word of mouth, and of course, people see us in the yard and stop.”

L.D. said his inventory includes oak for firewood and a selection of pecan, hickory and cherry, and comes from a variety of places.

“Mostly, people call me and say they have a tree that needs taking down,” he said.

He and his wife cut and stack the wood in a “pig pen” design.

“Even when you cut your own firewood, make sure you put it in a pig pen shape,” Liz said. “It keeps the air circulating to keep it from molding, plus it gets it off the ground and away from the ants.”

The couple said they have customers come as far as Brantley and Mossy Head, Fla., for their wood.

Cost is $25 per row, with discounts available when purchasing multiple rows.

Costs for smoking wood vary.

“If you’re cold this winter and need wood, call us,” L.D. said. “We can help.”

The couple can be reached at 334-574-0237.