Deadline approaching for holiday delivery

Published 12:02 am Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pack-N-Ship’s Shelia Caylor assists Gail Wesley of Andalusia in choosing a box to ship a holiday popcorn tin. | Stephanie Nelson/Star-News

Most can remember the joy felt as children when receiving something in the mail – especially at Christmas time.

And for those who have yet to place those packages in the mail, time is quickly disappearing to give that feeling to loved ones this holiday season.

Shelia Caylor, who along with her husband Wayne is the owner of Andalusia’s Pack-N-Ship, said the deadline for regular mail to arrive by Christmas is Dec. 17.

“Now what that means is that it’s not guaranteed, unless you choose to ship your item by express mail,” she said. “And that can be pretty expensive, so our advice is come on in now. That gives them a good opportune time for delivery.”

At Pack-N-Ship, which is located on River Falls Street, the store has the ability to ship via Fed Ex, the U.S. Postal Service and UPS.

“What we do is compare the rates and transit time to find the least expensive delivery method for your package,” Caylor said.

When shipping items, Caylor suggested the following:

• Include a phone number with the shipping address.

“That gives the company a cross-reference in case there are some questions about where the deliver goes,” she said.

• Plan ahead when sending perishable items.

“A good rule is bake it fresh, send it fresh,” she said. “If you are sending, say cookies, you want to make sure they’re sealed up tight and ship soon after baking.

“Also you want to ship those type items early in the week,” she said. “If you do it close to the weekend, your package is liable to sit in a facility all weekend long.”

• Remember the weight limits.

There is a 70-pound weight limit if shipping to residential addresses.

“There are other options available for shipments up to 150 pounds, but you have to ask about those,” she said.

Caylor said the majority of packages shipped from Pack-N-Ship are automatically insured up to $100 and receive a tracking number for customers to use.

To help handle the holiday business, Caylor said two additional elves – Miranda Kelley and Savannah Hutto – have been brought in to assist with preparing and shipping packages.

“Don’t worry about the construction on River Falls Street,” she said. “We’re here with everything you need to get that Christmas present under the tree.”

For those utilizing the U.S. Post Office this holiday season for one’s shipping needs, deadlines are as follows:

• First Class Mail deadline is Dec 20.

• Priority Mail deadline is Dec 21.

• Express Mail deadline is Dec 22.

• Parcel Post deadline is Dec 15.