Riley to sign ethics reform Monday

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 18, 2010

MONTGOMERY – Gov.Bob Riley will sign the seven anti-corruption reform bills passed during the special session into law on Mon., Dec. 20, at a ceremony in the state Capitol.

Legislative leaders, bill sponsors and other legislators are expected to attend the event.

Gov. Riley called legislators into a special session last week to pass the seven reform bills.

Legislators passed all seven bills over seven meeting days.

The reform bills include measures to ban PAC-to-PAC transfers, put the first-ever limits on what lobbyists and those who hire lobbyists can spend on public officials, grant the Alabama Ethics Commission subpoena power, ban pass-through pork spending and double dipping by legislators, end taxpayer funding of political activity for special interest groups, and require lobbyists who lobby the executive branch to register and file disclosures.