‘If I had $100, I’d buy…’

Published 12:03 am Thursday, December 23, 2010

If you were to give students at Andalusia Elementary School $100 to spend for Christmas, they’d come back with everything from toys, as one would expect, to real babies.


Tyler Josey said he only had one thing on his shopping list – a pillow pet.

“What can I say? I want one bad,” he said.

Catherine Petty and Paris Brittany said while they hope that Santa has it on his list, their top purchase would be a red Nintendo DS.

“And a Mario Cart game, too,” Petty said.

Gracie Atkinson said she needed a Baby Alive 2.


“You can feed it different kinds of food,” she said. “I could really have fun with her.”

Darryl Odom said he was an AHS bulldog fan through and through but lacked the necessary mascot to show off his school spirit.

“I’d take that 100 bucks and I’d buy me a baby bulldog,” Odom said. “He’d be gray with black dots, and I would call him Elmo.”

Cameron Johnson said he wanted a real baby boy.

“I’d call him Jaciah,” he said. “We’d play together. Oh yeah, and some clothes, too.”

Madison Hutto was very specific about her shopping list.


“I’d buy a music girl with clear hair,” she said. “She sings songs, and I’d buy a real girl baby. I’d call her Zoe just because.”

Sierra White said she would buy everything ballerina she could find.

“I’d buy a doll, and she’d dance,” she said. “I’d buy ballerina clothes for my doll and a pink car so she could go back and forth to practice.”

Jermaine Wright said he’d buy “boy stuff.”

“Like a Play Station and football – you know, real boy stuff,” he said.

Cammeyun Love said if it had Spiderman on it, it was coming home with him.

“A Spiderman Play Station, a Spiderman bicycle, Spiderman toys – I’d buy it all,” he said. “Not Iron Man, though. My brother likes Iron Man.”


Christian Walker and Lee Jay Johnson said they’d use the money to buy themselves a dirt bike.

Walker, however, had an additional item on his purchase list.

“I’d get a John Cena costume because my brother had one,” he said. “We lost it. I would buy world peace, too.”