Scale Back for weight loss

Published 11:59 pm Friday, December 31, 2010

If scaling back at the dinner table tops this year’s New Year’s resolution list, there is help in the form of the statewide Scale Back Alabama competition.

This year, Andalusia Regional Hospital will serve as the local weigh-in site for the 10-week weight loss competition.

Last year, approximately 30,000 Alabamians enrolled in the contest, losing 146,451 pounds. Of those participants were more than 300 people throughout Covington County who took up the challenge to address Alabama’s challenges regarding obesity and to encourage citizens to lose weight and be healthier.

This year’s competition will begin the week of Jan. 22-28 and end the week of April 9-15.

Weigh-in dates are Mon., Jan. 24, and Tues., Jan. 25, from 7:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. in the hospital’s first floor classroom.

That leaves lots of time for locals to begin gathering up teams for this year’s competition, said ARH’s Valerie McCalman.

“Participants will compete in teams of four,” McCalman said. “And for every team that completes the 10-week contest with each team member losing at least 10 pounds, that team will be included in a drawing for one of three cash grand prizes given statewide.”

McCalman said a first place win will earn each team member $1,000; second, $500; and third, $250.

“And everyone statewide who loses at least 10 pounds will be included in a drawing for one of 50 achievement prizes of $100 per person, regardless of their team’s achievement,” she said.

These drawings will take place on April 28.

“With your help, we believe the 2011 contest will reach even more people, encouraging them to adopt healthier lifestyles and significantly improving one’s health,” McCalman said.

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