Writer seeks help with genealogy

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 8, 2011

I am writing in hopes that you will publish my letter and help me with my hobby.

I am researching my grandmother’s Robbins family history. Nora Leigh Robbins was born in Dover in Covington County, was the daughter of Sampson Silvester Robbins and the granddaughter of a pioneer of Covington County, Thomas Robbins Jr.

Thomas Robbins had two wives: Matilda Evans and Martha Bradley. I am looking for descendents of an aunt of hers, Emily Ann Robbins, the daughter of Thomas and Matilda Evans. Emily Ann was born Oct. 9, 1849, in Rose Hill. She died June 4, 1933, in Covington County.

Emily Ann Robbins’ children were Sara Vera Robbins, born 1874, who married Thomas Gay in 1899 and had children Thomas W., Burie B., Icie E., Van Eric, Mattie Lou, Annie Lee, Dennis C. and John A. Gay.

Another daughter was named Emona Dosha (Dash) Robbins, born September 1875, in Covington County, and married T. N. Linton. Her children are Martha E., William N. and Jas. E. Z. (Zora) Linton.

A son was called “Hooch” Robbins. That is all I know of him.

I am looking for descendents of these Gay, Linton or Robbins families who might supply me information about Emily Ann Robbins and the rest of her family. One relative told me she had a house full of children and lived next door to them, but these three are all the names she remembered.

Can anyone in your reading public help me? Please contact me at 4406 Medford Lane, Tifton, GA 31793, by phone at 229-386-0520 or email at cbozeman2@bellsouth.net.

Thank you,

Connie Bozeman