Aspire to set more than resolutions for the New Year

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 15, 2011

Many people at the beginning of a new year will make new years’ resolutions.

This may be helpful for some to put focus on some priorities in their lives. Many people ignore the most important priority – being resolved to seek to live according to God’s standards.

Second Peter was written to believers to encourage them in their daily living. In verses 1-4 in chapter 1, we are reminded of some of these encouragements. We have a precious faith, a savior for salvation, experience the righteousness of God, grace and peace multiplied, increase our knowledge of God, genuine life values, godliness, empowered by God, we are given great and precious promises, we share God’s divine nature, we have the ability to escape the corruption of the world.

All of these are what God has done for us. In verse 5 Peter writes “besides this.” These two words are important because it transitions us to think about our responsibility.

First of all our responsibility is faith and diligence. Faith is our trust we place in God and diligence is the effort we put forth to apply God’s truths in our lives.

In the encouragement, living according to God’s standards Peter says to, with all diligence, add to our faith: virtue, knowledge, self-control, endurance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love.

What is the importance of adding these areas in our lives? This is answered in verse 8. “If these things be in you and abound, they will make you neither barren or unfruitful in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus, the Christ.”

According to verse 8 these things should not be overlooked, in fact, in verse 9, he continues to say that if these things are lacking it affects his spiritual life. Notice the descriptions Peter uses. He is spiritually blind. It affects his ability to see beyond the norm. He forgets that he was purged from an old way of life.

Four times in verses 8-12, Peter refers to “these things.” Verse 8, “these be in you;” verse 9, “he that lacks these things;” verse 10, “do these things;” verse 12, and “remembrance of these things.”

These things must be important. If you count them there are seven. If you think about it, that is one for each day of the week. However, it is not the intention to master one before moving to the next.

It will be worth your time to understand the meaning and the application of each one. Peter understood the importance of these seven things to the point that he would not be negligent to help everyone to remember, know, and have these things established in them.

Even in verse 15 of chapter 1, he states that they are so important that he will endeavor that even after he has died they will continue to remember these things.

You would do well to do more than read this article or the passage found in Second Peter. As I understand this passage, it is worthy of your time to study these truths, and as Peter states, do it with all diligence.

I would not for anyone to misunderstand to do these things without first accepting Christ as Savior. Peter was writing this to those who have obtained like precious faith. You can be saved by admitting your need for salvation, believing that Christ died for your sins, and confessing your willingness to repent.

Leroy Cole