Pt. A manager responds

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 29, 2011

In regards to a recent “letter to editor” concerning the lease agreement of the Point A property, I would like to point out a few facts.

The “Old Bridge” (also known as the handicapped fishing pier) is currently, and has always been free for anyone to use. This portion of land is not included in the lease agreement. The boat launch on Boat Landing Road is also free for anyone to use. I, too, have picked up trash and mowed those areas.

The boat ramp at the Point A road bridge does now have a pay box for users. This is the only area that now has a user fee that did not previously have one before. Just as at the swimming area, the Point A Road bridge boat ramp has a $3/day user fee, or an annual sticker can be purchased for $25 for frequent users. The sticker is valid at both of the areas.

The bathrooms at the swimming area are available the same times as they were before, mainly during the spring, summer and fall. They are routinely cleaned as needed.

When youth volunteers from First United Methodist Church and the Key Club from Andalusia High School came to the Point A swimming area to do their annual Lake cleanup, in connection with the Alabama Clean Water Partnership, in September, one of the adult leaders commented that “the area was cleaner than it had been in several years and didn’t take very long to clean up”. I have heard many such comments from others as well.

I am sure if you look around the other swimming, boating, fishing, camping, picnic areas in south Alabama, the current user fees are the same or less than what other places charge. We are trying to provide recreational activities and areas for families to use.

Thom Watson