DA plans bad check round-up

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 4, 2011

Covington County residents with outstanding worthless checks should be aware of an upcoming worthless check warrant round-up, officials said Thursday.

The district attorney’s office said the round-up is scheduled to take place in April.

DA investigator Max Smith said those who have outstanding worthless checks can make the process easier.

“I have found that it is much easier for people just to come into our office, talk with us and try to make an effort to take care of the checks before we have to go out and make arrests.

Smith said giving notice through media outlets helps alleviate the need for everyone to go to jail.

“I have tried to make a habit of putting out a notice through the media prior to these round-ups, so that everyone can avoid the embarrassment and hassle of going to jail.”

Smith is requesting the assistance of all surrounding law enforcement agencies and expects to receive their full cooperation as he has in the past.

“When you get officers from all the agencies together, they start putting their heads together and very few warrants go unserved,” he said.

Smith said that anyone who has or feels they may have outstanding worthless checks, should contact Angie Cotton, worthless check unit coordinator at the district attorney’s office.

“They can come on in and see Mrs. Cotton now, or I will come see them in April,” Smith said.DA plans ba