Ramer case makes Nancy Grace

Published 12:04 am Friday, March 4, 2011

A nearly 14-year-old Opp case garnered national attention again Wedne-sday night.

In a story from Nancy Grace highlighting the a September 1982 disappearance of Iowa’s Johnny Gosch, several other missing children, including Opp’s Kemberly Ramer were mentioned.

Kem Ramer

The then 17-year-old Ramer was last seen Aug. 15, 1997, around 10 p.m. leaving her boyfriend’s residence in Opp to return home, which was about five minutes away.

“Kemberly was at home, and she was by herself at the time, and someone came into the house and took her,” an unidentified female said on Nancy Grace. “Everything was left there — her contacts, her clothes, her shoes, car keys, everything. There was a struggle in her bedroom. There was a picture that had fallen to the floor, you know, in her bedroom. There were things scattered around that I could tell that there had been a scuffle or something in her bedroom. She was home alone. It’s just something that we have to cope with every single day or try to cope with. It is very, very hard for all of us.”

The case remains unsolved, despite, numerous tips, leads and searches over the years, including searching a lake, Baptism Hole, and an sinkhole near Ponce de Leon, Fla., all of which yielded nothing.

Opp Police Chief Nickey Carnley said his department has had a few leads this year, but nothing with any substance.

“We get some from time-to-time. Sometimes they’ll trickle in. For the most part, it’s slow, and so far, we haven’t found anything,” he said.

Anyone with any information can call the OPD at 493-4511 or the FBI at 202-324-3000.