‘Nobelly prize’ among nominees

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 8, 2011

“Girls Gone Wide” is just one of the creative team names being used by a Scale Back Alabama Team this year, and the name is currently one of seven names to be entered in a statewide Website contest for the best team name.

More than 8,000 teams are participating in the 2011 Scale Back Alabama contest, a free statewide weight-loss contest, and for the first time the team names are being judged. A team of six media judges from across the state narrowed the list down to seven names, and these names are currently listed on the Scale Back Web site, www.scalebackalabama.com, awaiting a public vote. They include:

· From Duds to Studs

· Girls Gone Wide

· No Behind(s) Left Behind

· Nobelly Prize Winners

· Not Pregnant

· Stop Praising the Lard

· The C. Les Butts Family