OES students have full itinerary for break

Published 12:01 am Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring break is on its way for schools in the county, but Opp City Schools will be the first to enjoy the week out of school, beginning next week.

Opp Eleme-ntary School students were anxious Wed-nesday for the upcoming break and were ready to hit the road in their travels with a variety of hotspots on their lists.

One student is traveling to the No. 1 U.S. destination for “family spring break.”

“We-’re going to Disney World,” said Emma Younce, who was very excited. “This isn’t my first trip.”

Isab-elle Barnett said she was hitting the white sandy beaches for her vacation, as was fellow peer Ana Worley.

“We-’re going to Destin,” said Worley.

Tho-ugh, her plans are concrete, Zazz-aleyia Miller said she was ready for the school break.

“We-’re probably going to Mis-sissippi,” she said of her plans for a spring break vacation.

And while, some have plans to travel south for some fun in the sun, Thomas Glisson and company have a much “cooler” plan.

“I’m going skiing,” he said.

Others are planning on staying around town and having fun.

“I’m going to Becky’s (Kinder Kollege),” said Walt Spurlin.

“I’m going to play,” said Love Patel. “I like to play.”

OCS will hold spring break March 14 through March 18 while students in the Covington County and Andalusia City systems will have to wait until April 11, for their break their break to begin.