$286K in property taxes unpaid

Published 12:04 am Thursday, March 17, 2011

With less than a month remaining before the county property appraiser’s office announces its delinquent tax sale list, there remains more than $286,000 to be collected in property taxes.

County revenue commissioner Janice Hart said Wednesday, the figure represents the remainder of the more than $11 million in ad valorem taxes billed in October 2010.

“Right now, we’re set to publish the list somewhere around April 11,” Hart said. “It will run for three consecutive weeks before the delinquent tax sale.”

Those who owe unpaid taxes are charged a $5 late fee and a 1 percent penalty, as well as any costs associated with publicizing the unpaid taxes.

“What people need to realize that we will be advertising the past due taxes next month and that will add at least an additional $40 per parcel to the total due,” Hart said. “The next step in the process is the auction in May, where any piece of property with unpaid taxes will be sold to the highest bidder.”

At the time of the auction, the amount due to the county will serve as the opening bid and will increase in $20 increments. Winners will receive a certificate of sale, and after three years, a tax deed showing ownership.

One of the major contributors to delinquent taxes is the lack of current addresses for property owners, especially new homebuyers and those who inherit property, Hart said.

“If you own property in the county and don’t receive a bill, then something is wrong,” she said. “Call us. We don’t want people to lose their property because we couldn’t find an address for you.”

The revenue commissioner’s office can be reached at 428-2540.