McKenzie students not eligible to attend county schools

Published 12:03 am Thursday, March 17, 2011

If the Butler County Board of Education votes to close McKenzie School, those students will not be eligible to enter the Covington County School System, superintendent Terry Holley said.

The Greenville Advocate reported Wednesday the potential closing would be “only one of several options” during tonight’s scheduled BOE work session in Georgiana. The superintendent has stated in recent months some tough decisions would have to be made with the woes of continued proration and a still-sluggish economy, with all areas being studied and considered for potential cuts.

Some McKenzie School parents have stated they would move their students to Red Level or Straughn; however, according to Covington County School policy, that’s not possible.

Holley said the county school system has a very strict policy on accepting new students.

“They have to live in Covington County, first off, and secondly, they must reside in the school’s specific district,” he said. “That’s just the way (the Covington County School System) policy is set.”

Holley said in light of budget shortfalls, the governor’s office required all school systems in the state to fill out a potential school closing survey.

Holley said the county school’s survey did not reveal any need for downsizing in the system.

“There had been some talk around the community about Fleeta (Jr. High School),” he said. “I’m proud to report that Fleeta is holding its own and enrollment is up. In fact, we’re getting ready for kindergarten registration at all the county schools.”