Police: Lock your car doors

Published 12:03 am Thursday, March 31, 2011

A recent rash of car burglaries in the Andalusia Country Club area is prompting the Andalusia Police Department to urge residents to lock their car doors at night.

Chief Wilbur Williams said officers are currently investigating “several” cases where loose change and cash were taken from the vehicles.

Each incident occurred during the nighttime hours; however, most of them were not discovered until the next morning.

“These incidents, which are in the same general area, are spread out throughout the neighborhood and jump from one street to the next,” Williams said. “We feel like it’s someone walking or riding a bicycle, so if you see someone you’re not familiar with in the neighborhood, call us. We’ll be happy to check it out.”

Williams said residents should remove all valuables from inside the car and most importantly, lock the doors.

“Don’t leave your purse in the car or anything of value,” he said. “Especially, don’t leave those valuables in plain sight. If you have to leave something in the car, cover it with a blanket, put it under the seat or put it in the trunk.”

Williams said the practice of locking vehicle doors should not be implemented in just the County Club area.

“Unfortunately, we don’t live in a society like we did in the past,” he said. “You have to take precautions in this day and time – no matter where you live.”

To report suspicious activity, call the APD at 222-1155.