Funny funeral set

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bobby Harris is the 'star' of the show

A funeral is being planned in Rivers Falls – and it’s guaranteed to be like no other you’ve ever seen.

Members of the River Falls Community Center have teamed up to reproduce a play many of their parents put on some 50 years ago entitled “Pete Skinner’s Funeral: Dead or Alive.”

This hilarious play tells the story of “Pete,” a man “who always planted his corn on time, (but) whom Lucifer loved best,” who has been rumored to have died.

Play organizer Charleta Davis said the play is “homemade,” and the actors ad lib the entire play, which she says, makes for more laughter.

“The participants make it up,” she said. “We have participants from Andalusia, River Falls, Red Level and the Bethlehem community.”

Davis said during the funeral, everyone begins to leave until there’s only Pete and the preacher left at the service.

“It going to be great,” she said. “We hope everyone will come out and support us.”

Money from the plays goes to refurbish the town’s aging community center.

The play will be held at 6 p.m.  April 30 at the River Falls Community Center.

Cost is $5 and includes a spaghetti supper.

Tickets may be purchased from any member of the cast, including Gola Church, Charleta Davis, Bobby Harris, Joseph Robinson, Mattie Freeney and Corrine Ross.