You do have an invitation to the royal wedding

Published 12:01 am Saturday, April 30, 2011

When Prince William and Kate Middleton wed on Fri., April 29, billions of people around the world watched via television and the Internet.

But according to a London newspaper, only 1,900 guests were invited to attend the wedding at Westminster Abbey.  The guest list included some of the couple’s closest friends, as well as the royal family, foreign monarchs, diplomats, politicians and celebrities.

A royal spokesman was quoted as saying, “The vast bulk of those invited are friends and family from all walks of life. People who have shared their lives, as children, at university. Just like any other wedding.”

The spokesman explained prior to the wedding, “The invitations are triple-tiered. About 1,300 guests are invited to Westminster Abbey, swelled by a further 600 who will attend the Queen’s lunchtime reception at Buckingham Palace. A fortunate 300 will rub shoulders at dinner at Buckingham Palace, hosted by Prince Charles.”

Much of the media coverage about the wedding focused on speculation about what the bride would wear and how her dress would impact fashion. Some news articles and interviews discussed what people attending the wedding would wear.

William and Kate’s wedding has been described as the wedding of the decade, not unlike the media spotlight on his parents’ wedding in 1981. But there’s a wedding and marriage supper in the future happening in a place out of this world and every one of us can attend. In fact, the invitation comes from Christ Himself, who gave His life to make it possible.

We must accept the invitation by choosing to receive Christ’s forgiveness and beginning a personal relationship with Him here on earth. Then, one day, Christians – both those who have died and those who are alive – will rise to meet Christ. Our bodies will be transformed from mortal to immortal and we will be given white robes to wear in heaven.

The Bible says, “Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb” and people from all walks of life will be there, a great multitude from “all nations, and kindreds, and people” (Revelation 19:9 and 7:9).  The Apostle John describes Christ as the Lamb of God and the Bridegroom. Written on Christ’s robe will be the words, “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

Theologian Charles Spurgeon describes it this way, “The Bridegroom, too, had to leave His Father and become one with His Bride by taking upon Himself our humanity. For our sake He quit the thrones and royalties of Heaven…here He was born, and here He lived, and here He died!

“Yet there shall come a day when we shall see Him face to face and then we shall know Him with a clearer and fuller knowledge than is possible for us today….We who have believed in Christ have the absolute certainty that we shall, one day, stand in the midst of the splendor of Christ’s wedding feast! The nuptials of a king are usually something very grand, but what will the marriage supper of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords be?”

Have you accepted Christ’s invitation to the grandest wedding celebration of all?