2 teens face sex charges

Published 12:04 am Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Covington County teens were arrested and charged with sex crimes Tuesday.

Chief Deputy David Anderson said the arrests of Rhett Barton Riley and Clifford Dean Allen, both 18, stem-med from two separate cases.


Riley, who is a resident of the Sanford Community, is charged with second-degree rape, which is also known as statutory rape, and is a class B felony.

Under state law, it’s unlawful for a person 16 years old or older to engage in sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex less than 16 and more than 12, provided the actor is at least two years older than the member of the opposite sex, Anderson said.


“Our investigators determined that Riley had engaged in sexual intercourse with an underage female during April 2011 in the friendship Community,” he said.

Riley was booked into the county jail and later released on a $20,000 bond.

In a separate incident, Allen, who is a North Creek Community resident, was charged with sexual abuse of a child under 12.

Anderson said investigators determined that Allen had allegedly subjected the child to unlawful sexual contact at a home in the North Creek Community in April.

He, too, was booked into the county jail on a $20,000 bond and later released.

Anderson said the identities of the victims were being withheld because of their ages.