What moms really want

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 6, 2011

Time is winding down to get mom that perfect Mother’s Day gift.

The Star-News asked mothers throughout town if they could have anything for Mother’s Day, wha it would be.

In true motherly fashion, it wasn’t the new pair of diamond earrings at the local jeweler or an all-expensive paid cruise to the Caribbean that the majority said they’d choose.

“My son-in-law just passed away,” said Joy Taylor. “I would like peace for everyone, and for everyone to remember how important family is.”

Lisa Short had a simple request.

“I just want a day with my daughter and husband,” she said. “Just to enjoy the three of us – maybe a day at the beach.”

One mom, who wished to remain anonymous, said she just wants a healthy and happy family.

Narcis McClain said she just wants to be happy this Mother’s Day.

“I’ve had three funerals lately,” she said. “I want the Lord to touch my soul, and save me from evil. I want my family to be happy, and have a special blessing from the Lord. I want the hurt to disappear. I want the people affected by the tornadoes, and floods to be happy. That would make me happy.”

Teresa Mabrey said she simply wants a phone call from her children.

Rhonda Lawson said she wants to spend time with hers, but said she’d sure like a “lift kit” for her Jeep.