This is my unfinished song

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 14, 2011

Editor’s note: Ava May is the recipient of the 2011 Class of 1948 Foundation scholarship, awarded each year to a graduating senior at Andalusia High School, and renewable each year. This is the essay that accompanied her winning application.

I am a strong of notes, dancing between the bars, along the lines of an infinite staff, still in composition, yet striving to become the most brilliantly superb work of music that I can be. Beautiful chords- the kind that make the hairs on your back stand up – fill the phrases of this superlative song. This piece is sprinkled with expressive dynamics and has an uplifting melody that remains unique and unpredictable throughout, as it builds from nothing to an exhilarating climax filled with stupefying magnificence. Each and every aspect of this tune is a vital component of the overall image of me, shedding light on my aspirations as well as who I truly am – my song.

Chords that are so perfectly constructed that the fill the listener’s soul with exuberating ecstasy form the sheer beauty they sing – theses are the kinds of chords I need for my foundation and I have heard their melody ringing through the halls of Birmingham-Southern College. I know that I can receive a well-rounded, liberal arts education on the Hilltop, which will be the perfect educational foundation for me to be successful throughout my life. I am undecided as to my major, but ‘Southern has a program unique to itself called Interim. During the month of January, each student pursues an individual research project of his or her choice. Environments range form the inner-city areas of Birmingham to countries on different continents. This is a chance for experiential learning, a chance to explore the possibilities the world has to offer, a chance to open doors that I never kenw existed I rest confident that as I further my education at ‘Southern and experience the endless possibilities offered to me there, I will discover my true vocational calling and will be able to assuredly choose my major. Nonetheless, with a prime education as my foundation, I will have the beautiful chords I need on which to sing my song.

Exceedingly expressive dynamics flavor my song favorably. My two strongest passions are those with which I can best express myself – music and theater. From the first note of “Summertime,” until we tossed our white handkerchiefs into the air after “Big Noise from Winnetka,” a mix of adrenaline and nervousness fueled me onward, through my first halftime show as a freshman. At that moment, receiving a standing ovation, watching the crowd to crazy, I knew that my place was inside a uniform with a plume in my hat and a trumpet in my hands. On the other hand, the opportunity to personify a character is the chance for me to express myself through that character, and I relish every moment onstage. From Silly Girl to Sandy to Winnefred, each experience only serves to strengthen my love for acting. Next year, I will have the opportunity to continue both of these passions on the Hilltop, and I definitely plan to, but never forgetting that my first and foremost reason for being there is to become a well-educated young woman. Having strong passions allows room for self expression, which I consider to be the animation of my song.

My melody is not one to bore; instead it is unique and unpredictable, remaining always characteristic to me. I have quite a few hobbies, which help to better paint the picture of me. I very much enjoy assembling challenging jigsaw puzzles. I volunteered to be a counselor for a week with an elementary level Christian camp last summer, and I found it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I helped student direct a children’s play with young kids and thoroughly enjoyed that as well. If some spare time happens upon me, I relish in drawing or reading. I am a committed alto singer in my church choir as I look forward to singing praise with my choir family at practice as well as on Sunday. My particular piece of music has an uplifting air to it, which stems from God’s hand in my life. I thoroughly enjoy serving Him in any and every way possible. From choir member to counselor, I am happy where He places me, and look for His guidance in my endeavors.

The song is still in composition, but I shape it every day with my decisions and dreams. All of the necessary components combine to create one beautiful piece of music, as I begin the next transition of my life. I know that as I explore possibilities in college, I will find an area in which I have an unyielding passion to study and perform, and upon finding it, I will experience the magnificent high point in my song. My well-roundedness, passion, Christianity, and intelligence sing through as I await the laying of my beautiful, educational foundation and eventually, the ultimate climax of the song I sing – my song.