Mom gets makeover

Published 7:44 am Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A mother of three who gives all she can to her girls was the winner of a Mother’s Day contest designed by JCPenney to reward moms who never take time for themselves.

Maria Davis, kindergarten teacher at Pleasant Home nominated Teresa Martin, a mother of three and substitute teacher at Pleasant Home, for the package, which included a salon makeover.

“She is very kind and giving,” Davis wrote. “She’s always doing for others and never does or buys anything for herself. Her husband was out of work most of last year.”

Martin said she had no idea Davis had nominated her, but said she was “excited” to learn she was chosen for the event.

“My girls have their hair cut all the time,” she said. “This is the first haircut I’ve had in two years. I just let it grow and do its thing.”

Martin’s said she would do anything in the world for her girls, Shanda, 18, Shelby, 14, and Sarah Grace, 10.

“My youngest daughter has spina bifida, and I do what I need to do for them,” she said.

Daughter Shanda said her mother is “fun to be around.”

“All of my friends like her,” she said. “I’d say she makes a lot of sacrifices for us. She never gets her hair cut or does anything like this.”

Martin laughed when Davis told her she had to use her gifts on herself and not her children.

“My husband made me buy a new pair of tennis shoes about six months ago,” she said. “I just make do with what I have. I’d rather (my girls) have stuff.”

Martin won a $150 salon gift card, a $50 gift card to JCPenney and a $75 Matrix gift bag.