Opp cuts health sciences, saves music, art programs

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 26, 2011

Opp City Schools cut only one position at Wednesday’s board meeting, when the decision was made to cut out its health sciences program.

The decision was made based on the need our OCS students, Smithart said.

“Presently, our students can take advantage of an agreement we have with LBWCC and through dual-enrollment receive college credit for the same courses we were offering,” he said.

With that decision, the board voted to non-renew the contract of Tina Bradley, health science instructor at OHS.

“I believe this is a better opportunity for our students,” he said. “This was not necessarily a decision based upon finances. Our expectation at this time is to reinstitute our business/marketing program, which would essentially negate any savings.”

Additionally, OCS students will continue to have music and art, Smithart said.

At a board meeting earlier this month, Smithart told board members it would cost approximately $140,000 in local funds to continue art and music.

Social studies teacher Olivia Ennis was transferred to music teacher at OMS and OES on Wednesday, but as for the art program, it will continue, but it is unknown how it will be staffed.

“Our art teacher retired in November, and we have had someone teaching it in an emergency capacity for the remainder of this year,” he said.

The board took the following personnel action:


• Olivia Ennis from social studies teacher at Opp Middle School to music teacher at OMS and Opp Elementary.

Granted tenure to:

• Allison Gregory, PE teacher at OMS;

• Kelly McCollough, special education teacher at OMS;

• Rhonda Rogers, teacher at OES;

• Amanda Ellison, teacher at OES.

Granted contract renewals for non-tenured personnel to:

• William Ossenfort, science teacher at OHS;

• Julia Sexton, English teacher at OHS;

• Andrew Carter, science teacher at OMS;

• Sterling Driver, science teacher at OMS;

• James Reeves, assistant principal at OHS;

• Tanner Jackson, English teacher at OMS;

• Tim Grimes, PE teacher at OMS;

• Kristi Meeks, math teacher at OMS:

• Amy Jackson, special education teacher at OES.

Granted a leave of absence to:

• Patti Spann, teacher at OES.