Late-night shopping doesn’t pay

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Note to self – do not purchase things off the Internet at 1 a.m. in the morning.

That’s a valuable piece of advice considering my children are now sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

This weekend was move weekend. Since I’m a practical person, I thought it made the most sense to use my three-day holiday to pack up the old house and move into the new one. After all, it was the best use of my time.

And, since I have the most wonderful mother and sister-in-law in the world, with their help, Saturday proved to be the day. I hired two young men to do the heavy lifting.

I worked late Friday night, but was raring to go come Saturday morning. However, there proved to be a slight hiccup with the U-Haul – which really means I didn’t have one. I have to say that the local U-Haul people were fantastic in trying to locate me a super large truck, but I’m not one to wait. So, through some wonderful neighbors, we scored two trailers, and it was on.

The move itself went off without any major mishaps. We didn’t lose anything. No one got hurt, and thus far, nothing appears to be broken; however, I haven’t opened my grandmother’s china, so let’s keep our fingers crossed on that one.

The new house has a playhouse out back – which is wonderful. Toys came in the front door and went out the back door straight to the playhouse. They got to keep a few dolls and one or two coloring books in their rooms, but for the most part, it’s all be sequestered to the playhouse. I’m quite looking forward to not having to pick Silly Bandz off the bottom of my foot because some little girl forgot to pick up her mess before she went to bed.

But, I digress…

The two younger girls have been sharing a bedroom since they were born. In the old house, that meant bunk beds with the youngest on top since she rarely got out of bed at night. Right after we closed on the new house, there was a great production about choosing new “big girl” beds. We shopped everywhere, only to settle on two platform beds from

It was t-minus three days to move day when I realized I forgot to order those beds. I don’t know why I didn’t order them the minute they settled on them, but I didn’t.

When I can dragging in from work and did whatever it is I do when I come home from working late, I sat down at the computer to check Facebook and realized I had not ordered those beds.


There it was 1 a.m., and I was ordering stuff off the Internet, not paying one mind to what day it would be delivered.

Five days later, and we’re still waiting on those beds.

But, in all actuality, if that’s my only complaint, I think I can call this a good move.