City: Reduce outdoor water use

Published 4:11 pm Wednesday, June 8, 2011

City of Andalusia utilities officials are asking all of their customers to voluntarily reduce their use of water for the next three days in an effort to restore water pressure to the system.

Mayor Earl Johnson said there are a few places in town where there has been a noticeable drop in water pressure.

“It’s a situation where we knew we had to take action,” Johnson said. “If we don’t, we’ll be in a situation where we don’t have enough pressure to run the system.”

Consumers are being asked to not water their lawns, gardens and flowers for at least three days.

“We understand that people don’t want to lose their plants and lawns,” Johnson said. “But we think that’d be a whole lot better than not having water to drink or take a bath.”

Johnson said the city, likely the largest consumer of water for outdoor use, has already cuts its irrigation.

“We’ve got some places with new landscaping where water is critical, but we’ve cut, too,” he said.

Water operations manager Kenny Blackburn Reminded residents and business owners to turn off their sprinkler systems and to reduce water usage to only moinimum household needs.

“Your voluntary help will be greatly appreciated,” Blackburn said. “

“We are hopeful that this brief reduction of water usage will give the water system adequate time to improve the water pressure level,” he said.

Johnson said if local residents don’t voluntarily comply, the restrictions will become mandatory.

For additional information, contact the Utilities Department at 222-1332.