Dixon Foundation makes a difference

Published 3:21 pm Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Editor:
Mr. Bob Hope often ended his program for the U.S. Troops with the song, “How Do I Say Thanks for all the Things You Have Done for Me.”
That is my sentiment to the Solon and Martha Dixon Foundation.
How can we say thanks for all you have done for all of us?
We are fortunate to have a philanthropic foundation that has as its only goal: a desire to make a difference in the quality of our lives.
I wish everyone could be privy to all the projects that have been made possible because of the generosity of the Dixon Foundation.
The amount of money given each year would astound most of us. There is probably not a school in our country that has not been a beneficiary of the foundation.
It would take a book to list all the donations that have been contributed throughout the years to schools, renovations, civic projects and to special places that provide safety for our citizens.
All these things are made possible for us because Mr. Solon and Mrs. Martha set up a foundation to share their wealth to improve the quality of all our lives.
The members that make up the foundation board are exceptionally qualified individuals from our community.
They are Doris Tyler, Judge Trippy McGuire, Phillip Jones, Louisa Baker and of course our beloved Mrs. Martha. These dedicated citizens review all the requests that are submitted to them and use the foundation guidelines in selecting the project that will most impact the community.
We are truly blessed by their dedication to the community.
So how do we say “thanks?”
May I suggest the next time you see any of these individuals that you simply walk up to them, shake their hand and say “thank you.”
Jewel Curry