Julia’s Grocery offers radio request option

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Julia’s Lakeview Grocery offers typical convenience store goods, as well as the opportunity to request one’s favorite song.

Those taking advantage of the waters on Gantt Lake can also enjoy a quick snack, cold beverage and even request their favorite song at Julia’s Lakeview Grocery.

The store, which opened earlier this year, includes an array of baits including crickets and worms, as well as ice, beer, cigarettes and items typically found in a small grocery or convenience store, as well as its own online radio request station.

“We also sell propane tanks,” said owner Julia McKenna, who also is a DJ for an international online radio request station. “I also offer coffee in the mornings, and I plan to get an ice maker, so I can offer some different incentives for my customers.”

“It’s great. Customers can come in and get the items they need and request a song,” she said of the non-profit radio station that donates a portion of its donations to the American Cancer Society. “Additionally, a lot of people hire a DJ out for birthday parties and other events. It’s a great gift.”

Still, McKenna said business has tapered off “a bit,” and she’s hoping to drum up some new business.

“Some days we’re busy; some days we’re not,” she said. “Weekends are typically the busiest, but we’d love to have more business.”

McKenna said March was perhaps her best month this year, but said like many other bait and tackle shops in the area, the hot weather is wreaking havoc on fishing.

The store is open Monday through Friday at 8 a.m. and opens at 6 a.m. on Saturdays “weather permitting.”

For now, the store will be closed on Sundays until business picks up, McKenna said.

For more information, call 388-3088.