Leash law wouldn’t have prevented this

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am writing about the article on “County could impose leash law.”

Mr. Carl Turman and Commissioner Harold Elmore cited a recent attack where a 4-year-old was attacked by a dog. He didn’t add that the dog was chained and in its own yard, and that the children, according to the paper, had been picking on the dog. First the boy was bitten on Tuesday and then the girl was attacked a few days later.

I am sorry it happened and feel for the family and children bitten, but this could have been prevented.

The dog was in its own yard bothering no one.

I understand with Julie Moody and agree with her about the dogs that you should be safe to be out in your yard. It seems, though, the incident in Andalusia was the owner had their dog in their yard chained, but it was not left alone by the children.

Where are the dog’s rights? Don’t get me wrong, I wish it had never happened to the little girl for anything in the world for she has to carry the scars and trauma for life. But I feel most of the blame is to whomever was watching her.

I felt I needed to speak up since I am an animal owner and did not like what was said. It seemed the dog did nothing but now has been taken to the animal shelter where I am sure it was put to sleep. The dog did nothing but defend itself when the children came near it thinking they were going to hurt it after the taunting the children did. This is like the bullying of kids, and no one does anything it until the kid commits suicide and then they do something.

Carol Cleland

Red Level, AL