Most people aren’t like they used to be

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Editor,

You know, I was just sitting here thinking about things over the years.

I know I have got the devil in me, but I do care about people.

I try to help people in some way when they need it.

I do feel for people when something happens to someone’s family.

Over the years I have helped some people get their disability started, and no one says thanks.

I had one person to give me one hundred dollars when he got his started.

That was Ollie Cassady, and now he is gone.

I helped him, and he helped me a lot.

Also when someone passes on I send a pretty sympathy card to say I’m thinking of this family.

Also when someone gets pretty sick I send a pretty card to build them up.

You know, people don’t care about you any more like they used to do when I was growing up.

Neighbors were neighbors and helped you out then, but no more.

Things have changed since way back when. It is not the same anymore.

I guess I’m feeling a little sorry for myself because I have to have knee surgery the fifth of July in Andalusia under Dr. Holland.

I just had to sit down and write how I feel.

A citizen,

Barbara Sue Dennis