County can’t enforce leash law

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 2, 2011

I have lived in Andalusia for many years. A leash law was in effect with an animal control officer back then. Now, years later, dogs are still roaming the streets. I know there is still an animal control officer on the payroll. Sometimes he directs traffic on the bypass for school traffic, so I know Andalusia still has one.

Money is scarce everywhere. The commissioners are responsible for using taxpayers’ money for road and right-of-way and bridge upkeep. They are also responsible for funds to the sheriff’s department. Who will be responsible for enforcing a leash law?

The sheriff’s office has their hands full with meth labs, dope, drunk drivers, speeders, burglaries, domestic violence, shootings, you name it.

I think when they are contacted about a vicious animal they should have the authority to give the owner a ticket, and the owner should pay a large fine or, as a last resort, jailed or the animal put down. That should get their attention.

Most dogs are not vicious, but turn vicious if teased or abused.

People living in the country have dogs for many reasons. Some are work dogs. They use them to herd cows and other animals. Some are guard dogs protecting homes from burglars. Most are just beloved pets like a member of the family. My children grew up owning a dog. That ever-faithful companion made every footstep they made.

Remember the write-up in the Star-News a few weeks back? The poor dogs were chained up with no food or water for days. This is very cruel.

Most people can’t afford to fence a dog in. Besides, he will dig out if he wants out.

Most pet owners are responsible and caring owners. A few aren’t.

Our commissioners should look at a leash law long and hard before passing one that would be very hard to enforce.

I have lived in the county for over 20 years now, so I have city and county experience with animals. No, I don’t have a dog, but my neighbor does. He uses my yard every day for a bathroom. I don’t like it, but the dog doesn’t know any better.

Owners should always take responsibility for a pet if they are going to have one.

Nell Williams