Fireworks galore!

Published 12:01 am Saturday, July 2, 2011

Michael Walker shows off his favorite fireworks to shoot -- bottle rockets. | Andrew Garner/Star-News

Are you familiar with that “thumping” sound that ends with a flash of colors and bangs?

Artillery-shelled fireworks are the hot item sold this year at many local stands as residents get ready for the July 4 celebration.

Sandy Hunt, owner of Betty’s Big Bang Fireworks in Florala, said her 3-inch, 500-gram fireworks are a top hit.

“It’s like a professional firework show in one box,” she said. “It goes up and does huge bursts in the sky.”

Hunt said these boxed fireworks run between $70-$100 at the store.

Just down the road at Buddy’s Fireworks, owner Buddy Holley said he’s selling more of the artillery shells.

“They seem to be real popular,” Holley said.

Holley added that he also sells a lot of Bottle Rockets and Roman candles as well.

Walking through the aisles at Buddy’s, Florala residents and proud grandparents Cĕcil and Kaye Jones pick out their choices. For Cĕcil, it was the “Grand Dad Fireworks Displays” that caught his eye.

“We come here two-three times per year,” Cĕcil said.

Kaye said she likes buying fireworks for their “entertainment” value.

“The-y’re just great to entertain the youngins’ with,” she said.

The artillery shells run from $2.95 and up at Buddy’s.

At 55 South Fireworks in Andalusia, Bottle Rockets are the big seller for customers.

They run from $2-$4 per pack, depending on the brand purchased.

Artillery shells are $9 and up.

K & V Fireworks on Hwy. 29 North, owner Meagan Faust said her “reloadables” are the big sellers.

“They produce the most color,” Faust said. “You just drop them in the box and they’ll shoot up in the air and pop into different colors.”

Faust said prices range from $6.50-$185 each.

Additionally, bottle rockets are also a big seller at K & V, which Michael Walker confirmed.

“They’re fun,” he said, grasping his bottle rockets. “It’s fun to shoot them.”

-Andrew Garner