Warning: He’s taking tag numbers

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dear Editor:
I would like to address a problem having to do with litter along Village Square Drive, the road that juts off to the right in front of the ARH emergency entrance/exit. Long ago, the Village Square Apartments were built to house senior citizens, then the Rehab Center was built beside the apartments, then, six years ago, the Saddle Ridge Apartments (55 & older) were built just past Village Square, and, for awhile, all was well. The Village Square Drive entrance was clear of trash/litter and we, the seniors of these two complexes, kept the area clean.
You see, we carry plastic bags in our autos in which to place trash; i.e. fast food bags, wrappers, drink containers, etc.,  and then we empty these ‘trash bags’ when we reach our destination or arrive back home. We CARE about where we live.
Now, when and if you drive down that lane, you will see all of the above mentioned trash along the side of ‘OUR’ road.
About two years ago, the owners and developers of Saddle Ridge decided to build a FAMILY complex to the south or right behind Saddle Ridge 1 and thus take away our privacy and/or life as we were promised as seniors when we signed contracts to live here. Now, it is not my intention to point a finger at the residents and their ‘guests’ as the culprits who throw this crap (fast food bags/cups/napkins/etc) onto the side of the road.
Just to let those of you who are doing this know, we have a litter law in the city limits and I, for one, will be taking down tag numbers of perpetrators and personally delivering them to the mayor’s office to insure that ‘YOU’ are found and given a citation. We would prefer to not pursue this venue if you would just throw that trash in your floorboard until you reach your stopping point, then, throw this stuff into a dump.  For those of you who chose differently, let me catch you and you will pay the fine.
I speak only for myself and no one else in this complex.
Steven A Bryant