Kids are just funny

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kids are just funny!

We asked Star-News’ Facebook friends to send us “funnies” to help promote the Imagination Library.

When Lori Petrey took her kids, Abbie, 10, and Kol, 5, to get shots last fall, she let Kol wear whatever he wanted. He chose his lifejacket, which in his imagination was a “gun vest.”

Abbie, who was embarrassed, begged her mom not to let him wear it. When Kol got to wear the vest, Abbie refused to sit with her mom or brother in the waiting room at Covington Pediatrics.

Kol tried multiple times to sit by his sister, but she kept moving to other parts of the waiting room and pretending she didn’t know him.

Kol finally gave up and went to sit with his mother, then yelled across the room to his sister, “Abbie, you can move all you want…but they know you came here with us!”

There are now 115 children enrolled in the Covington County Imagination Library, which distributes a book each month to every child enrolled from birth to kindergarten.

This week, the library welcomes Kylee Lesley, Aubryn Cottle, Morgan Crawson and Kiotni Frazier, all of Andalusia, to the Imagination Library roll.