Last 10 split sweepstakes

Published 12:22 am Saturday, July 9, 2011

The holders of 10 tickets split $15,000 in the domino sweepstakes.

The Rotary Club sold 500 tickets for the drawing. When there are 10 numbers remaining on the sweepstakes board, the ticket holders are given an opportunity to split the pot or keep drawing.

This year, all 10 agreed to split. Those holding the tickets were:

* Carolyn Graham and Jason Walker

• Lenora and Wayne Johnson

• Bill McWhorter

• Michael Smith and Willis Polk

• Michael Smith and Yancey Solar

• Daniel Williams

• Robert Hadley

• Melissa Davis, Paula Caraway, Mike Holloway and Angela Sanders

• Reid and Gina Kerr

• Kenneth Grantham