A Bebopping goodtime

Published 12:03 am Saturday, July 16, 2011

F riday was the big finish for the LAAC’s summer theater camp. Taught by Cathy Powell, there were 20-plus children attending the weeklong session, which ended with a production of ‘Bebop with Aesop.’ Above: It really was a big finish for those attending this week’s camp, which included Holly Majors, Will Shay, Ava Bailey, Ashlan Nall, Cameron Woodard, Callen Woodard, Katherine Finley, Audrey Danford, Michaelyn Russell, Skylar York, Katelyn Pettie, Holly Taylor, Anabell Bryant, Mary Taylor Seymore, Alyssa Kilgore, Clorissa Morgan, Courtney Bulger, C.P. Wossilek, Blakely Hammond, Sam Dalton, Drew Griffin, Peyton Cannon and Alex Barnes.