Kids are just funny!

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One morning, after her two older children were at school, Jennifer Pybus and Callie, her youngest daughter, stopped by the post office. Once back in the car, Jennifer noticed a baby shower invitation in the stack of otherwise boring mail.  Callie was as excited, and asked many questions, including if there would be cake.

My big mouth answered, “Probably,” Jennifer reca-lled.

“I want to go, too!” Callie replied.

Jennifer then tried her best to reason with her 3-year-old that a baby shower was a party for mommies and not for children. Just as the two pulled into Jennifer’s grandmother’s driveway, Callie jumped out, ran inside to her great-grandmother’s arms, pointed at her mom and said, “Put Mommy in time out!”

The grown-ups couldn’t help but laugh at little Callie, standing there with her arms crossed and lips poking out.

“Why? Has Mommy done something wrong?” her grandmother asked.

Callie stomped her foot and said, “YES!  She won’t let me help wash the baby!”

There are now 130 children enrolled in the Covington County Imagination Library, which distributes a book each month to every child enrolled from birth to kindergarten. This week, the library welcomes four wee ones to the Imagination Library roll, including Adley Belcher, Florala; Wyatt A. Lewis, Red Level; Jenna N. Lawley, Red Level; and Aubree Z. Moseley, Andalusia.

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