Mom’s intuition saves son’s life

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If Cooper Sasser’s parents have one message, it’s this – never doubt a mother’s intuition.

In their case, it has very well saved the 18-month-old’s life and uncovered his leukemia before it progressed.

“It started on July 8,” said Destiny Jeffcoat, a family friend speaking on behalf of parents Christy and Justin Sasser of Andalusia. The family is currently in a Pensacola, Fla., hospital where Sasser is getting daily treatments to battle his disease. “They’d just bought a new camper and were go camping at Desoto Caverns. They had to use their big extended cab truck to pull it, so Cooper was kind of cramped in the back seat and was limping when he got out.”

Cooper Sasser, the 18-month-old son of Christy and Justin Sasser of Andalusia, is currently undergoing treatment for leukemia. Fundraisers are set to assist with expenses. | Photo courtesy of Shellie Watts, Watts Photography

Jeffcoat said the problem persisted, but a trip to the emergency room didn’t reveal a problem. They continued on their vacation; however, that night in the bath, one of Cooper’s legs “just gave away.”

“She said then they had to go home, so they packed up and headed straight to the ER,” she said. “The ER doc said it was probably nothing, but they were going to run tests to be sure. They did blood tests, which showed his platelet count was low. He thought it was a lab error, so they did it again.”

There was no lab error; instead, the doctor came back with the news – Cooper needed a hematologist.

At 6:30 a.m. on July 10, the doctor told them it was one of two things – ITP, a bleeding disorder where the blood doesn’t clot, or leukemia.

“Christy said right at that point, she thought to herself, ‘My baby doesn’t have leukemia,’” Jeffcoat said. “She said it felt like the world was closing in around her.”

It was at that point that Christy told Destiny she learned her second lesson – God will never give more than can be handled.

“She told me she walked outside and heard a voice that said, ‘I’m going to use your baby to uplift my kingdom,’” Jeffcoat said. “She said she immediately started praying for peace and strength. She said she looked at her mom and said, ‘God is going to change lives through Cooper.”

Since then, doors have opened and prayers have been answered, Jeffcoat said.

“Cooper is responding well to treatment,” she said. “He’s been through three rounds of chemo. Christy said they sing and dance and praise God.

“Doctors said if (Cooper) had to draw a leukemia card, he drew a really good one,” she said. “His chance is high 80s, low 90s to beat it. The treatment is supposed to be over a three-year spectrum, but things are progressing nicely.

“Christy said the more that God is glorified, the more her baby will be healed,” she said.

Currently, there are two fundraisers scheduled to help the family with medical expenses. “Cooper’s Crew” T-shirts are currently on sale for $15 each for sizes through extra large; 2XL is $17; and 3XL is $18. Bracelets are available for $3 each. To purchase or for more information on donating to this family, contact Jeffcoat at Andy Cable at 334-222-6464; Melissa Eckenrod at 334-222-1825; or Stephanie Dubose at 334-488-9998.

Additionally, a benefit yard sale will be held Sat., July 30, at Southeast Alabama Gas District, beginning at 6:30 a.m.