Opp has new animal control rules

Published 12:01 am Saturday, July 30, 2011

Animals in Opp now are protected more, thanks to a new ordinance passed recently. | Courtesy photo

Animal control issues have been among the subjects at recent Opp City Council meetings.

Last month, a mother and daughter approached the council concerning a growing issue of feral cats within the city.

Cindy Vieira, and her mother, Yvonne Vieira, told council members at the June 21 meeting council meeting that they had found eight to 10 feral kittens around town in previous weeks.

At a recent meeting, the city council passed an ordinance amending its animal control laws, which will now provide more protection for animals at a home or in a kennel.

The newly-passed ordinance states that “any dog or cat which is found at large on any street, sidewalk, alley, through-fare or other place in the city shall be caught and taken by the chief animal control officer, his deputies or assistants and impounded in the city pound.”

Dogs and cats captured and taken to the pound may be picked up from the pound within seven days or the animal may be sold or euthanized.

Owners will be charged a $10 fee, plus the cost of keeping the dog or cat at the pound, which is set at $10 per day.

Additionally, the city outlined its cruelty to animal laws, which outlines failing to provide water and nourishment for animals; no beating, torturing or other action that could cause pain, suffering or death; failing to provide adequate medical treatment; any kind of harassment of the animal; no gambling such as fighting or combat contests; failing to provide adequate shelter within 24 hours.

Pet owners should be mindful that under the ordinance, they are held responsible for what their animals does, officials said.

For example, noisy animals that repetitively disturb the peace are prohibited, and the owners will be held accountable; owners are required to remove all overturned and scattered garbage within residential lots and rights-of-way; owners must also remove feces from any public place and residential area.

Residents may read the entire ordinance at Opp City Hall Monday through Friday.